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Yarnbombing Fun With Mini Sea Creatures

crochet sea coral reef sea urchin jellyfish coral ammonite handmade diy ravelry pinterest fat cat crochet

I recently made some little sea creatures for part of a yarnbombing display at a community festival. The idea was to create a sea scene to highlight the problem of plastic pollution in the oceans. The sea creatures were engulfed by plastic rubbish and people were asked to make a pledge to use less single-use plastic. As pledges were made, the plastic was removed bit by bit and the beautiful sea scene revealed.

crochet sea coral reef sea urchin jellyfish coral ammonite handmade diy ravelry pinterest fat cat crochet

I made a few different small sea creatures for the display, as well as a larger jellyfish which I made out of plastic bags cut into strips to use as yarn. I didn't take any photos of the plastic jellyfish, but I did take these photos of the little creatures before they went off to the deepest ocean!

I'd been browsing through fish and sea creature ideas on Pinterest for a little while, partly due to my little boy's love of the Octonauts which has led to us finding out about so many wonderful creatures, and partly because there are so many beautiful creations to find there. We recently visited an aquarium and while it was fascinating to see and find out about the creatures there, I kept thinking how much fun it would be to crochet them all!

I made these simple little urchin shells, as well as a living urchin. I like these as a first attempt, and plan to play around more with getting a knobby texture on the shells, and tentacles on the urchin.

These teeny tiny jellyfish are super simple, and I will write up the instructions for them when I get a minute.

For the sea shell I used this great ammonite pattern.

pink crochet mini ammonite

I made some coral inspired by some of the many pins on Pinterest of wonderful crochet coral scenes. It really seems to be a perfect medium to recreate lots of these amazing shapes and structures.

It was such a lot of fun, and I've had to promise my little boy that I'll make him his own sea creatures to play with too!


If you like these mini sea creatures check out the anemones and lettuce coral I made for another crochet coral reef.

I have written up the patterns for these, which you can find here.

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