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Crochet Coral Reef

* UPDATE !! * The free patterns for these coral reef creatures are available here!

It seems like such a long time ago that I made my mini sea creatures for a yarnbombing display. It was actually only just over a year ago but what a strange and difficult year it has turned out to be!

We had been to visit The Deep aquarium just before Joe started school last September and had seen many wonderful sea creatures there. (And of course I wanted to crochet them all!) Joe's reception class were Seahorses (the other classes were Jellyfish and Starfish), and so the ocean theme continued.

The Deep recently put out a call for donations for a crochet coral reef display so obviously I had to make a contribution or two. I ended up making two different types of sea anemone as well as some lettuce coral. These ones turned out a bit bigger than my mini sea creatures!

The Deep had loads of amazing contributions and put together a fantastic coral reef display (with accurate species placement, of course). I was very excited to spot my anemones at home on the reef!

I love the way crochet lends itself to making coral and other sea creatures. And these were all very simple to make.

crocheted sea anemones and lettuce coral

I'm going to write up the patterns for making these and will post them as soon as I can.


You can find the patterns here!


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