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Halloween Makes

It's October, the leaves are turning orange and brown, the days are getting shorter, and my son keeps wearing his vampire cloak. It can only mean one thing - Halloween is approaching, and there is crocheting to be done!

a bunch of crochet amigurumi eyeballs for halloween decorations green orange and yellow irises tied together by their blood vessels

This year I have expanded my collection of amigurumi eyeballs, in various sizes. I made a few last year and really wanted to make enough this year to fill a jar with them, having seen some fantastically creepy jars of eyeballs online and wanting to recreate them.

a jar of crochet amigurumi eyeballs for halloween decorations with the lid off and four eyeballs spilling onto the floor. there are crocheted pumpkins in the background.

I think I've made enough, and my son loves them!

These eyeballs are quick and fun to make. I've written up the steps I followed for each size eyeball, and will put these and a photo guide to adding the veins and blood vessels in the patterns section of my website.

I've also been crocheting pumpkins this year. There are so many different patterns for pumpkins out there, using different techniques to make the lines and shape. I decided to try a few of them out, and see what worked best. I've ended up making quite a few pumpkins!

Eight crochet pumpkins in different sizes and colours

One pumpkin is good, three is better, but more is definitely merrier! I was wondering what the collective noun for pumpkins is, and google threw up a few good ones. So I've made a plethora of pumpkins, or maybe a patch of pumpkins, or (my favourite) a squash of pumpkins.

I'm planning to write up a sort of review of the pumpkin patterns I've tried, with my verdict on which I think work best, and some tips and tweaks to help finesse the perfect pumpkin pattern. A bit like Felicity Cloake's 'how to cook the perfect... ' but with crochet instead of cooking, and patterns instead of recipes. Watch this space!


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