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Sarah and Duck. QUACK!

My little boy’s favourite programme in the whole world is Sarah and Duck. He loves Duck, and has fun pretending to be Sarah. He even tells his own Sarah and Duck stories, and has the trademark opening “Todaaay, Sarah and Duck are...” down to a tee.

As my boy likes to play as Sarah he needed a Duck companion. There are quite a few patterns for both Sarah and Duck on Pinterest and other places online. The one I liked best is from Fiction Fingers and is available on Etsy. You can find the pattern here. I think it captures Duck brilliantly.

And here is my Duck!

crochet amigurumi duck character toy from bbc tv show "sarah and duck"

He was a lot of fun to make, and I think he is a toy with a lot of personality!

I made this chap with Stylecraft Special DK yarn. His head is Sage, his body Cream, his beak is Citron and his feet are Spice. I used Black and White for his eyes.

If you've seen the programme, you will know that greedy Duck loves to eat bread. So I also made a slice of bread for him to tuck into when he gets hungry!

I followed a free pattern called Bread with Jam Fridgie (and left off the jam). You can find it tucked away on an old forum here. I used Stylecraft Special DK yarn again, Cream for the bread and Camel for the crust. I made two pieces and sewed them together to get one chunky thick slice of bread, perfect for little boys and their toy ducks to play with.

Duck is a firm favourite and has been with us on many outings. So we discovered that, as well as bread, our Duck also loves to eat chips!


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