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More Sea Creature Fun - Ammonite with Tentacles

I made some mini sea creatures and shells for a yarnbombing display recently, and my little boy was sad to see the creations go. I promised him that I'd make some of his own for him to play with. His favourite was the ammonite shell. He has a little ammonite fossil that we found on the beach, and he loves watching this William Whiskerson video about fossil hunting. His favourite part is when they show the ammonite swimming along with its tentacles twisting and snaking around. So I decided to make him an ammonite with tentacles!

I followed the same ammonite pattern that I used before. I made this one a bit bigger, just by crocheting more rows. The yarn is Stylecraft Special DK, in mustard. To make the tentacles I used this tutorial for the Perfect Crochet i-Cord. They are also Stylecraft Special DK, in tomato and shrimp. I made the tentacles super long, and they swoosh and swirl around. I'm sure they are much longer than they would have been on a real ammonite but they are great fun!

This is the front, and the back.

Update - I've written up my notes on crocheting ammonites with a bit more detail, which you can find here:


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