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Little Amigurumi Penguin

* UPDATE! * The pattern to make your own little penguin is here!


One of my little boy's favourite toys is his little squirty bath toy penguin. He doesn't just get played with in the bath, but comes out with us on trips to the park and the supermarket too.

crochet penguin toy amigurumi blue bath handmade pattern
squirty bath toy penguin and his crochet penguin pal

He often has a central role in pretend play, usually as Peso from the Octonauts! Joe told me that squirty penguin wanted a friend, so I crocheted a little companion penguin to join in the fun. These two have had lots of adventures together!

A friend was talking about favourite toys, and said how handy it was that I could simply make another penguin if this little fellow ever got lost. This made me realise that I hadn't made a note of how I'd made him. What if the little penguin got lost and I couldn't remember how to make another one?!

It feels like one of my main jobs these days is to help locate misplaced toys ("mummy I can't find my ... !") and not just at home... I've retraced steps through the supermarket to find little red ted (left on a shelf in the cake aisle)... searched the park for a favourite green bucket (left under a bench)... rummaged through a ball pit looking for a cuddly dragon... So I thought it would be a good idea to work out the pattern and write it down!

So I made another little penguin, (this time making a note of what I was doing) and here he is!

I think he is super cute, even if I do say so myself!

And here is the whole little penguin gang! A little googling reveals there are a number of names for a group of penguins, including a raft (in the water) or a waddle (on land). I like a huddle of penguins best for these little fellows, because this little huddle all like a cuddle!

squirty bath toy penguin and his crochet penguin pals

I'm going to write up the pattern, and will post it here soon.

* UPDATE * If you would like to make your own little penguin, you can find the pattern here!


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