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Crochet Cacti

I had a request recently for some crochet cacti. My little boy wanted to play deserts. He had made a 'desert vehicle' by gluing some paper onto a little cardboard box and wanted a cactus or two to set the scene.

I've seen lots of amigurumi cacti on Pinterest. They are usually simple shapes, with stitching in the back loop to create ridges. While I love creating my own designs, for a quick little project like this it makes sense to follow a tried and tested pattern. Otherwise I get far too easily distracted by different ideas and experimenting with different stitches and my little boy has to wait too long for his desert scene!

I used these cute simple patterns from the cactus series on ZoeCreates. They are straightforward and really quick to make.

I used Stylecraft Special DK yarn in Pistachio, Meadow and Cypress for the bodies, and Shrimp and Citron for the flowers. In the original design the cacti are sewn onto crochet soil bases to fit in a pot. Instead I added a small circle base for the two tall cacti so they can stand alone.

My little boy was super excited to see them and loves his "cuddly cactuses"! The fat cat doesn't seem quite so impressed though!

tabby cat with a crochet cactus


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