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hello! and welcome to

where you can find free crochet patterns, amigurumi, some how-to guides, and my blog about crochet (mostly) and my lovely cat (just because)


Here are my free crochet and amigurumi patterns, for if you fancy having a go at making one of these little fellows yourself. And watch this space! I will add more patterns as soon as I can - there are more amigurumi vegimals and crochet coral reef creatures on their way!

If you are new to some of the techniques used in my patterns, and want a straightforward guide, this is the place to go.

This is where you can find out more about the stories behind my crochet designs. You'll also see some of my makes, including some where I've used (and link to) great patterns I've found, and some which are my own designs that I haven't written up as a pattern (yet!)

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